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Small Feed System
Inside Tooled Bowl
Multi Lane Track With Expanding Centerlines
Bowl, Table, Conveyor
Cross Shuttle
Gravity Track
Offset Track With Lift Pins
Multi Position Release Mechanism
Bulk Storage Hopper
Custom Cut-Out Hoppers
Custom Hopper
Table, Bowl, Conveyor, Vertical tubes, And Escapement
Bowl, Table, Elevator, Hopper, Old Style Sound Enclosure
Standard Sound Enclosure
Upgraded Sound Enclosure
MFS offers a complete line of products to provide a solution to our customers many applications. Some of the products and solutions we offer are listed below:
  • Feeder Bowls fabricated from 304, 316, 316L Stainless Steel for virtually any application or industry from feeding ball bearings, to nuts & bolts, to electrical connectors and components, to medical components where the bowls bust meet FDA requirements. 
  • Horizontal Vibratory Driven Inline Tracks made from Stainless Steel, Hardened Tool Steel, and Plastics, all depending on the parts and the individual application.
  • Horizontal Non Vibrating Tracks, such as Round and Flat Belt and even Chain Conveyors, and Air Tracks.
  • Gravity Tracks in a variety of materials to provide the correct solution to your application.
  • MFS offers a wide variety of bowl, track, and hopper coatings including, Teflon, Urethane, Surlyn, and a number of other coatings.
  •  End of Track Isolation Devices such as Cross Shuttles, Dual Finger Escapements, Escape and Blow, Shuttle and Lift, or just Lift.
  • Blanchard Ground Steel Mounting Plates.
  • Rigid Table Frames, Table Frames with Casters, Lift and Roll Tables.
  • Bulk Storage Devices such as Standard Vibratory Hoppers, Live Bottom Hoppers, Elevators, even Gondola Type Bulk Storage Solutions.
  • System paint and finishes, our standard finish is an industrial enamel paint, however we also offer custom colors, in enamel, epoxy, powder coat, and other custom finishes. Some are at additional cost above the standard finish. 
  • We also offer a full line of Sound Enclosures Designed to provide access and viewing where needed as well as reduce the system's noise Level to acceptable OSHA limits.
  •  We even offer totally custom feeder applications, whatever your application we have the solution. 


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